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Excellence in care and occupancy management – from admission to discharge.

Using our HIS-complementary collaboration software, clinicians treat their patients according to guidelines, cost-effectively, and without interruptions.

KHZG · Fully eligible under FTB 4

Standardize treatments with SOPs

Communicate via chat within the team

Efficiently manage patient inflow

For clinicians who prefer to actually live SOPs, rather than file them away. For teams who prefer to coordinate, rather than chase each other around. And for hospitals that prefer to use resources, rather than waste them.

Optimize your clinical processes.

With Kumi, patients go through a dynamic, guideline-based clinical pathway. Clinical teams have a digital overview of everything, communicate with each other via chat, and efficiently plan the inflow of patients. This ensures excellence in care, improved working conditions, and optimal occupancy management.

Clinical treatment pathways as digital checklists

Treat patients according to standardized clinical pathways (SOPs).

Secure communication via chat

Communicate within the team regardless of time and location.

Effective occupancy management

Enjoy optimal management of your resources.


Contact us! Our certified experts for the German Hospital Futures Act will be happy to support you in the digital transformation of your hospital.

“Our wealth of clinical information now allows us to derive decisions more quickly, making them comprehensible to the entire team. ”

Dr. med. Dirk Killermann, MD · Head Physician Cardiology, DRK Hospital Grevesmühlen

Improve your clinical collaboration.

Kumi’s key functions and how you can use them to improve the ease, efficiency, and safety of your clinical teams:

Patient file

Create and edit synchronized master data, organizational data, and individual clinical paths for your patients. All important information is transparent for everyone in the team.

Meeting mode

Use meeting mode to conduct quick, structured meetings. After the morning meeting, all the relevant staff members from specialist departments thus have a complete overview.

Discharge date validation

Kumi reminds you to validate your patient’s discharge dates on a regular basis. This helps ensure smooth clinic operations and proactive occupancy management.


Stay in control of treatment progress and process fidelity by viewing overdue and unscheduled tasks as well as handoff notes from the team as a senior physician or business leader.


Filter patients flexibly and precisely according to specific tags and get a quick overview. This allows you to easily include additional required departments or roles in the treatment.

“Kumi is one of the reasons that we now work better together as a team. Our morning meetings are so much more structured and everyone is clear about what the next steps are.”

Dr. med. Jonas Herzberg, MD · General Surgery Resident, Reinbek St. Adolf-Stift Hospital


Contact us! Our certified experts for the German Hospital Futures Act will be happy to support you in the digital transformation of your hospital.