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Outpatient Treatment

Master the chal­lenge of increased outpa­tient treat­ment and seize oppor­tun­it­ies. Fully KHZG eligible under FTB 4

Kumi Clinical voll KHZG förderfähig in FTB4; Ärztinnen nutzen Kumi Clinical am Tablet.

Do you know your outpa­tient treat­ment risk?

The outpatient treatment risk for an average hospital will be about EUR 4 million per year* in the future if certain treatments are mistakenly provided on an inpatient basis. Kumi Clinical helps you decide on the right form of treatment so you can overcome hurdles and take advantage of opportunities.

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Master chal­lenges

As a first step, hospitals should create structures that support a cost-efficient outpatient treatment environment, and use this environment in a targeted manner.

The second step is to optimize patient admissions. This is the critical point at which patients should be intelligently directed to inpatient – or increasingly, outpatient – treatment. A variety of changing factors determine whether a medical procedure should be carried out on an outpatient or inpatient basis. Is the patient’s condition relevant to one of the 3,089 current OPS codes? Has the case been checked for the defined context factors? Moreover, inexperienced doctors often make admission decisions without in-depth knowledge of the right approach, or of the economic implications for the hospital.

Zeichnung Kumi Krankenhaus Baustelle.
Kumi Illustration: Ärztin steuert den Patientenstrom nach ambulant und stationär.

Every time a patient is wrongly treated as an inpa­tient, it reduces the hospit­al’s oper­at­ing result by approx­im­ately EUR 1,300.**

Assign patients to the suit­able treat­ment envir­on­ment

Kumi Clinical helps your teams direct more patients to the optimal care structure, right from the start of their treatment. Kumi Clinical’s digital support provides users with decision-making confidence, even in stressful situations.

Behandlung planen in Kumi Clinical: Entscheidungsunterstützung zur Ambulantisierung.

Increase outpa­tient treat­ment by means of digit­ally-driven decision processes

Strategisches Controlling in Kumi Clinical: Häufigste Diagnosen.

Keep an over­view and optim­ize processes proact­ively based on data

Together, we'll take the next step toward increased outpa­tient care.

Marina Caspari
Vice President Sales

Tel:+49 40 877 092 80

Portrait von Marina aus dem Sales Team von Kumi.

*An average hospital has approximately 20,000 cases, of which about 16% will be treated as outpatients in the future (calculation in cooperation with Kumi customer hospitals).

**Preliminary estimate regarding the future hybrid DRG-based remuneration system; legislation is still in the planning phase.