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Kumi Clinical

The Manage­ment System for Clin­ical Resources & Treat­ment Excel­lence.

With Kumi Clinical Physicians collectively performing their proven best practice “science” of treating patients managed via a connected tool they love and Hospital Leaders recieve real-time actionable insights to manage resources in line with targets and drive performance at scale.

Make satis­fied employ­ees, optim­ally treated patients, and improved effi­­ciency the new stand­ards in your clinic.

Get to know the Product

Selection of innovative clinics that already rely on Kumi.

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Our partners

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This is how much value you can create

Use our “potential calculator” to determine how Kumi Clinical can help you create value for your company. Simply enter your parameters in the slider and find out how your results can be improved.


Poten­tial for increased outpa­tient care

  additional cases in an ideal treatment environment.


Increased occu­pancy

  additional continuously occupied beds as a result of optimal discharge planning.


Increased productiv­ity

  work days freed since communication takes place anywhere and any time and digital processes are optimized.

Do the right thing every day.

We believe in medicine that is excellent 365 days a year and reproducible around the world. Will you join us in sparking the health care revolution?

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